To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Seven years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my granddaughter, Mia Paige Powers, then barely 3 years old, helped me through my ordeal. She gave me her stuffed duck to use as a pillow, covered me, got water for me, rubbed and kissed my balding head and told me she loved me even without hair.

My cancer is now back with a vengeance. She is now 10 and still by my side. We were recently on vacation and without my asking she would get me water or something to eat. She even rubs an analgesic on my sore spots. If I get up during the night she would wake. I would tell her to go back to sleep and she would say, "No, Grandma, I want you to be safe." She would walk with me to the bathroom and get me whatever I needed.

She tells me she will always be an angel in my heart. She has truly been my special guardian angel.