To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It is most distressing that the newspaper we rely on for factual news has found it appropriate to publish a quasi-letter/article which resembles an emotional rant normally found in yellow press. Carl Rosenstein’s letter/article ignores important relevant facts ("Ecocide committed in Buckley Dunton, op-ed, Aug. 18.)

The "philistines" in this case are volunteers who work hard to help the Environmental Protection Agency to maintain the heritage of natural beauty for future generations and care for it at least as much as Mr. Rosenstein and his followers. They do it with the means available in contemporary world, which means that it is crucial at times, as in medicine, to use chemicals.

Several generations ago, Monet did not have the challenges of today when he created his gardens at Giverney. He had optimum conditions on his own land and the help of many professional gardeners and helpers. And, many generations later we are grateful for his work. Buckley Dunton lake was created by human intervention and the means of preserving its beauty may not be realistically available without judicious management.

EPA’s mission is not to wreck the environment, but to preserve it. A lot of research goes into finding a balance between using chemicals whose toxicity is minimal and active only briefly, and simply mechanical removal of invasive weeds, a prohibitively expensive method.


Without a realistic intervention, Buckley Dunton will revert to a mosquito breeding swamp.