More services needed to address addiction

To the editor:

The editorial "Confronting opioid problem at its root," Nov. 8) identified a critical part of the solution to the opioid crisis, which is on track this year to claim more that the 1,200 lives lost in 2014. Doctors have to address the problem of oversubscribing painkillers.

An equally important part of the response is the provision of downstream services to those who are addicted. In community meetings held throughout Berkshire County, families report that they could not access beds and outpatient treatment because there are not enough bed and services.

To their credit, Gov. Baker and Secretary of Health and Human Services Sudders seem to acknowledge this problem. They have recommended the state put additional resources into community-level inpatient and outpatient programs that will be needed as we work together to address the devastating disease of opioid addiction.

Christine Macbeth Pittsfield The writer is CEO of the Brien Center.