Join together against fear and extremism

To the editor:

Extremism — right or left, up or down, political or religious, ideological, corporate-based, NRA or otherwise — is dangerous to humankind and our planet.

As is fear-mongering and the exploitation of fear that dominates the world stage politically and in the media.

The problem is that we all have lost the middle and the ability to speak intelligently, compromise and find solutions. All we seem to do is create and magnify problems — incited by political, religious and corporate agendas and their media – to further isolate and divide us by race, religion, nationality, sex, etc., to make us fear and hate one another.

We are here for one universal purpose: to love one another and be caretakers of our planet. We have failed on both counts and the repercussions are mounting exponentially.

The ONLY solution is for the vast majority of humans in the world, who are good and decent people, to join together to "give peace a chance."

Peter D. May, North Adams