Laws must be changed to boost clean energy

To the editor:

Big utilities are spending millions of our energy dollars squashing the clean energy industry in Massachusetts and Sthe US. Big Oil and Gas say we need more sources of fuel to lower prices on home energy bills. Yet they are working to kill legislation that will create clean sources of energy that will keep more money in local pockets. Big utilities are also hiding the fact that thousands of aged pipes are leaking the equivalent volume every day.

Big Oil and Gas are telling "our" legislators that solar panels are bad because they are bad for Big Oil and Gas.

Laws created more than 100 years ago allow Big Oil and Gas to plow through farms, orchards and homes by eminent domain for private gain without debate. Innovation and technology have evolved greatly. Now our laws need to evolve.

I call on my fellow citizens along with U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey and Rep. Neal to support efforts to reform the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission so that it prioritizes clean energy jobs over increased investments in fossil fuel infrastructure.

Dominick Villane Lanesborough