To the editor:

It's hard work, being a good citizen in our little Berkshire County hill town. There's the existential threat posed by Kinder Morgan's plan to build a compressor station — big, loud, and brightly-lit, spewing unidentified chemicals into our air. There's the constant juggling to make even modest expenditures fit into a tight budget: fix the school van, or buy new? Important efforts to strengthen community, through events like this year's first-ever Thanksgiving Potluck.

Now, it seems, despite town hall meetings, town votes, and months of hard work, just as Windsor nears the goal of 40 percent of homes signed up for Wired West, MBI has kicked the broadband boulder back down the mountain for us to roll back up again.

It seems that MBI would prefer every town to own and operate its own network. Can I just say, I'm not sure we have the energy? Not that we are what Mr. Trump would call "low energy" people. We've just got other things on our plate. Thousands of pages of Kinder Morgan FERC filings to read, for instance. I don't believe we are all that interested in adding "running a broadband wireless company" to our collective community resume.

Broadband may be more important for the economic and social future of our town than any other development I can imagine. Even with Wired West, we are still a couple of years away from actually getting service. Now, who knows?

Susan Phillips, Windsor