S'bridge DPW head is earning his money

To the editor:

On my walk down Bean Hill Road in Stockbridge, I happened upon a man in a John Deere tractor. He was moving slowly, stopping every few feet to jump out and pick up litter along the roadside.

We chatted briefly about the culprits (must be tourists!) and I asked him for whom he was working. It turned out that he was the head of the Department of Public Works for Stockbridge. He said that since there was no snowplowing yet, he figured he'd go out and collect litter.

You could have knocked me over with a feather! This guy could have been sitting with his feet up on his desk drinking coffee, but here he was — out in what I consider the Siberia of Stockbridge, picking up litter! Bravo to him and his department!

Leslie Murray, Stockbridge