Misleading headline on hotel proposal

To the editor:

First let me say that I am a daily reader and subscriber to The Eagle and admire the paper and its staff. Thus, it was with great dismay that I read the headline of the Dec. 18 article, "Hotel plans would preserve former school." I attended the same meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 16 at the high school when the revised proposal for the hotel was presented before the Select board and a large crowd.

What I heard was quite the opposite of what the rather large bold-faced headline asserted. The revised plans in no way indicated that the school would be preserved. They did indicate that some of the bricks, pieces of the flooring and a few doors would be reused, which does not add up to preserving the school.

As a former teacher who spent a lot of time working with students on the importance of accuracy and assigning a title to their papers that reflected the content and the truth, I am hoping — with all due respect — that The Eagle will right this wrong.

Again, I admire the contribution this paper continues to make to the Berkshire community.

Roselle K. Chartock, Great Barrington