Easy to see through failed Obama strategy

To the editor:

It's an interesting strategy. Get elected on a promise to bring our troops home from the Middle East, fulfill that promise against advice to the contrary. In doing so, the Middle East falls into chaos.

Then draw a line in the sand regarding Syria's barbaric actions but do nothing to back up the threat. Then when the terrorists become more powerful due to the absence of our military intervention, refuse to admit that we have Islamic extremist terrorists.

At the same time weaken our borders and refuse to put in place security measures. Then when the Syrian people begin fleeing and seeking asylum, place all the blame on the American people and the Republican party for doubting our ability to screen and assimilate the refugees.

All of this is followed by heightened terror threats and massacres throughout the world and now in our homeland, and you continue to try to paint the cautious, responsible and realistic leaders and us citizens as heartless.

Well Barack Hussein Obama and you Hillary Rodham Clinton, we see the strategy, understand the manipulation and recognize your disdain for us, but we are not fooled. We support governors who are doing their jobs.

Thomas D. Gilardi, Pittsfield