Precedent in GOP hurting a just fight

To the editor:

In the book "The Conquering Tide, War in the Pacific Islands, 1942-44," author Ian Toll reports on how the Republican Party tried to obstruct President Roosevelt in his efforts to wage World War II.

Toll writes, "The post-World War II mood of bipartisan unity had taken an ugly turn...All recited the shopworn mottoes of patriotic unity, but criticism of the president grew freer and more vigorous...Oratory in Congress grew venomous.

"On June 25, Sen. Schwartz of Wyoming took the floor to deliver a long philippic aimed at the "whisperers who inculcate class, racial and religious hatreds. They unwittingly are using Hitler's most effective weapons of propaganda...They do not consciously seek the loss of this war or the defeat of democracy, but by their course they imperil both."

If, only months after Pearl Harbor, the Republicans jeopardized the fight against fascist Japan and Germany, it should not be so surprising to see the divisive rhetoric of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz against the present administration.

Jim Norchi, Pittsfield