Polemics, attacks, won't bring energy solutions

To the editor:

The polemics of climate change and its activism have had some influence on energy policy and will be met with increasing resistance from not only energy producers but also the majority of the public.

Climate change is real but long-term solutions will not come from professors with websites that organize localized groups and memberships. They reject economic growth and see free market capitalism as incompatible with response to climate change. They are smart and sincere in their positions but hardly represent the mainstream that must live in reality.

Most people understand that energy resources are required for increased global economic growth, anticipate population expansion and prefer capitalism to all alternatives. Folks in communities want affordable and reliable sources of energy and the necessary infrastructure such as pipelines. De minimis amounts of energy from subsidized renewables cannot replace 20 million BOE used per day in America.

Rational solutions must come from people who do not like to be preached to or subject to ad hominem responses from activists some smart or not so smart. As I have been in the energy business for 35 years in Houston I would advocate there is where the solution will come.

John Carroll, Dalton