Hard-working Rep. Mark should consider Senate run

To the editor:

I have known Paul Mark for 15 years. In that time I saw him attain a law degree from Suffolk Law School and a Masters Degree in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts. He did all this while working full-time and juggling life's commitments. He has been a good friend and continues to be my union brother in The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Paul is a hard working, fair, intelligent man. He is concerned about the environment, rising college tuition costs and the struggles of the working class, which include income inequality and the relentless attacks on the unionized workforce in the private and public sector in this state.

I hope Paul considers running for the soon to be vacant state Senate seat left by Sen. Ben Downing. Paul will continue the legacy of Sen. Downing and forge new relationships that will benefit the 51 cities and towns in Western Massachusetts the seat represents.

Brian Stanton, Springfield The writer is vice president of I.B.E.W 2324