Clinton is experienced, true to her beliefs

To the editor:

It's time to get serious about our next president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton shares my values, such as keeping my family safe and growing the middle class by providing opportunity for all. Through her position as secretary of state, she is prepared to face our country's challenges both at home and abroad.

I agree with President Obama when he said that Hillary is experienced, smart and the only candidate prepared to govern from day one. Since I have a choice, I will choose a candidate with experience.

A true Democrat her whole life, Hillary has always been true to her beliefs and comfortable with her decisions. From her earliest days after college, she has been in the front lines, fighting for women's rights, minority rights, health care rights and the right to a living wage. I trust Hillary with my values, my family and my country.

Please join me on Tuesday, March 1, and vote for the only experienced candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Patsy Harris, Hinsdale