Paying it forward for W'town's future

To the editor:

I look forward to voting "Yes" on the Mount Greylock Regional High School building project. It is an investment in the future of our children and our communities.

Both of my parents attended Williamstown High School before the current regional school was built. When my mother graduated with the final class in 1961, the school had become overcrowded, and the facilities could no longer meet the educational needs of that era.

My grandparents — a store manager, a housewife, a farmer, and a small business owner — voted with the community for a new school, even though their children would never attend. They understood that this new regional school would benefit those to come. As it turned out, nine of their grandchildren and eight of their great-grandchildren have attended.

Let's continue the vision of those who came before us. They invested in the future, and found that the returns were priceless. I am confident we will feel as rewarded by our commitment to the future as they did.

Maribeth Pomerantz, Williamstown