Censorship can't be price of a liberal education

To the editor:

In response to your Feb. 19 article concerning the cancellation of John Derbyshire's speech at Williams College, I think Zachary Woods, the president of Uncomfortable Learning at Williams, is right. What has higher education come to if it can't face the raw facts of reality?

While I do not agree with Derbyshire's position in any way, if you don't like what he has to say, simply don't attend his speech. It seems liberal colleges/universities nowadays are willing to hide behind their own hypocrisy at the expense of credibility. How can we expect future generations of Americans — of citizens of the world — to confront the challenges we face as a planet, if we can't even listen to what a columnist has to say?

If censorship is the price of a liberal education, then why is there any point considering yourself a progressive institution? We are at a crossroads in America, but we must pick a road and not block the ones we don't agree with.

Dan Raftery, Pittsfield, The writer is a student at Berkshire Community College.