Fund necessary BHRSD programs

To the editor:

To all members of the Berkshire Hills Regional School District School Committee.

I am a 1968 graduate of Monument Mountain Regional High School's first graduating class. I benefited from a great well-rounded education provided to me by some extraordinary teachers. My daughters as well were educated in the BHRSD school system.

Now I have the pleasure of watching my granddaughters participate and enjoy the very same, complete BHRSD education we have all received. My hope is that they and future generations are afforded the same opportunities we have enjoyed.

Both my granddaughters benefit from the wonderful music program and the time and attention given them by the caring and nurturing musical faculty here. Any cuts would be short-sighted and damaging to the value of the programs.

As an alumnus, parent, grandparent, and taxpayer, I implore you not to be short-sighted on this matter. Please fully fund these very necessary programs which will reap benefits for our community far into the future.

Gary Pitney, Stockbridge