Kinder Morgan decision is win for environmentalists

To the editor:

Kinder Morgan's announcement that the NED pipeline project has been suspended is very good news for the area, and especially for everyone who has worked hard to fight this project on economic as well as environmental grounds.

Even though the company does not cite any relationship of its decision to the protests here, any such development can make us more hopeful that the voices calling for a rapid transition to clean energy infrastructure are having an effect. Climate activism can be a discouraging undertaking, but it seems that the local and national momentum is picking up. Each such turning point, as we are seeing now, adds to the conviction that we can generate enough reasoning and energy to be successful in pushing our state and country into a clean-energy future.

The upcoming community event Living the Change, a climate action and sustainability fair at the Shire City Sanctuary in Pittsfield on May 7, was conceptualized by the organizers as a chance to showcase and celebrate the efforts of climate and social activists. With Kinder Morgan's NED project withdrawn, we have one more big reason to celebrate.

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Ulrike Nagel, Lee