Stop fueling profits of fossil fuel companies

To the editor:

Our society is at a crucial point. We need to turn around our addiction to extracting and burning fossil fuels. Climate change is caused by human activity. Virtually all climate scientists agree that the problem is real, and it is already causing severe weather events and droughts. Human health is being harmed. We can improve the outcome for future generations if we act decisively now.

Part of the solution is to stop investing in fossil fuel companies within our pension plans, 401ks and IRAs.

To promote getting off of coal, oil, and gas, and moving toward more efficiency and renewable energy, we at 350MA-Berkshire Node are sponsoring a free panel presentation and discussion on divestment on Saturday, May 21, at 10 a.m. at the Froio Senior Center, 330 North St., Pittsfield. We are a local grassroots organization of volunteers that meet monthly, and we welcome everyone to this event.

Henry Rose, M.D., Dalton