Lenox farmers market insult to neighbors

To the editor:

I heartily agree with Tony Smith (letter, May 10) that the increasingly commercialized Lenox "Farmers Market" is bad for Lilac Park and bad for neighboring businesses. It is also bad for the neighbors.

Our house is on Sunset Avenue, across from the park. When we moved here some decades ago, it seemed like a perfect location: quietly residential but within walking distance of nearly any service we might need and comfortably buffered by our "village green."

Since then, the neighborhood has continued to improve. The town garage and sand pile that once bordered our backyard have been replaced by a nice parking lot. Many nearby properties, both public and private, have been upgraded, and all are well-maintained.

The occasional concerts in the park are not an intrusion, and we've adapted to the annual Apple Squeeze and an occasional arts fair. But a weekly invasion for unlimited commercial purposes is an insult to all the park's neighbors.

Nancy Fremont, Lenox