Support proposal to boost Beacon

To the editor:

As a recent recipient of a TIF for Hotel on North in Pittsfield, first we want to thank the community for taking a chance along us. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Since opening a year ago, we have been able to put many local people to work and reinvest millions of dollars into our community.

This public/private partnership is an integral tool to aide local businesses whose passion is to make a difference in our downtown. We need to encourage these endeavors and business people who are investing and working to improve our city. We believe that North Street is a better place due to the fact that we have a wonderful movie theater.

We applaud our mayor and our city for realizing the importance of this request and strongly urge the City Council and residents to support our downtown and a local business.

David J. Tierney III, Pittsfield The writer is owner of Hotel on North.