Excellent production from St. Stan's students

To the editor:

The eighth grade students of St. Stan's School have done it again! Their presentation of the play "Spirit!", by Peg Kehret, was wonderful.

The Happy Hollow Rest Home has some talented residents. Alicia Loughman as the house manager, Miss Monroe, was a perfect fit for the part. Darcy Scalise as Clara, the gambling novelist; Tessa Zoito as Arby Clements, the therapist; and Alison Felix as Esther Oriole, the former veterinarian, all were superb. Kaeli Dean, Keegan Burns, Stephen Perreault and Braedon Delmolino all gave top-notch performances in their supporting roles, and Nathan Mahar nailed the sound effects.

Congratulations to director Sara Blanchette for her great job putting this play together.

Peg Vigiard, Adams