Avoid unfriendly skies by taking Amtrak

To the editor:

I have a solution for the nightmare world of airline travel described in Gail Collins' "Fly with us and deal with it" (Eagle op-ed, May 28). Why not take the train?

Amtrak's national rail system of more than 21,000 miles goes to wonderful places (New Orleans, San Francisco, Glacier National Park and so on) and gets you there in comfortable seats or sleeping accommodations with reasonable fares and minimal hassle. Amtrak also has an excellent rewards program that allows passengers to accumulate points for free travel (Amtrak Guest Rewards), and a linked credit card provides an additional way to build points.

Amtrak is as close as Pittsfield's handsome intermodal transportation center at Columbus Avenue and North Street. Try it. Chances are you'll like it.

Charles B. Dew, Williamstown