Why undermine efforts to beautify city?

To the editor:

The triangle at the intersection of Williams Street and East New Lenox Road has been a spot of beauty for 60 years. Under the green thumb of Arlia (Tommie) Bailey the triangle has brought pleasure to passers-by, both walkers and drivers, many often stopping to thank the volunteers working in the garden.

In the past two years the triangle has suffered much damage from careless motorists. This year, thanks to generous donations from residents of the road and adjoining streets and help from the city, we have been able to restore the triangle to a place of beauty, finishing Memorial Day.

On the morning of June 7, we were shocked to find that a shrub had been stolen. The theft has been reported to the police. After all the effort that has been expended by many, it is very discouraging to find that someone would deliberately undo our efforts to beautify the city.

Sue P. Colker, Christine Coan Pittsfield