Killing isn't 'senseless' in gun-ridden America

To the editor:

I am consumed with sadness as once again I witness the horror of another mass shooting, this time in Orlando.

The journalists describe the event as "horrific" and "senseless." Senseless? What is senseless is that in the flash of a moment, a loved one is ripped away and so many lives are forever changed. It is so hard to process and comprehend that reality. But is the event senseless?

In my opinion, it makes perfect sense that it should happen in a country where it is easier to obtain military-grade weaponry than to obtain permission to drive a car, and politicians are bought by merchants of calamity.

Each mass killing reminds us of our lack of national resolve and how powerless we feel as individuals to end the slaughter. When WILL it end?

Alan G. Kulberg, M.D., Pittsfield