Buy a helmet and bike with it on

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to add my thoughts to the fine letter from Bill Matthiesen ("Even on bike trail helmet is a necessity.")

I, too, frequently ride the Ashuwillticook bike path and I am constantly amazed by what I see. I understand that if you do not have a helmet you cannot wear it. Get one!

What really impresses me, however, are the numbers of people who have a helmet, but ride with it strapped to the bike's handlebars. There are also many people who ride with their helmet on their heads, but do not fasten the chin strap. What are they thinking?

I am a radiologist and I have seen too many CAT scans of people's heads with their skulls cracked like an eggshell because they weren't wearing a helmet while biking. Bike riding is a wonderful, healthful, activity. Enjoy it, but don't let it be the last thing you do.

Hank Gold, MD, Lanesborough