Weapons of war should not be sold

To the editor:

After reading the letters to the editor as well as the editorial of June 14 ("Let's at least make it tough for madmen"), it is a great relief that so many members of our county feel as we do about the availability of rifles that are used as weapons of war against the public.

We are opposed to these guns being on the market and believe there is no rational reason for a weapon that is a killing machine to be considered as a legitimate purchase for anyone who wants one.

I [Beverly Scheer] am a mother and grandmother. My brother was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge and was a prisoner of war in Germany until he was freed after five months. I shudder to think of today's parents living in fear for their children today even in their own neighborhoods.

We need help from a supportive government. Donald Trump, however, continues to affirm our doubts about his qualifications. He likes the position of president, but seems poorly versed in the skills and attitudes required for that critically important office.

Beverly Scheer, Ray Scheer, Williamstown