Naumkeag is an unlikely party-hearty destination

To the editor:

In reference to Gary Pitney's June 30 letter "Selling out Naumkeag unfair to neighbors," I went to college 50 years ago, my sons went about 30 years ago, and my grandchildren are going now, and none of us went to a frat party ending at 8 p.m. Most of the parties I attended started at 11 and ended at 8 a.m. I can guarantee Naumkeag is not a frat party destination.

Having music in the early evening can be restful for some. I am not aware of any heavy metal bands or rappers being scheduled to play at Naumkeag this season. So as for now the music is acceptable for me.

As for the serving of alcohol, that should be stopped. Also at Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow, Shakespeare and Co., the Clark, and all playhouses that serve alcohol. I've seen how plastered people get, stumbling into their cars, driving off into in the middle of the night — at about 9:30. Come on, let people enjoy the Berkshires one night a week.

As for the sign at Monument Mountain, I do agree with Mr. Pitney it doesn't represent the Naumkeag estate property.

Sal Angelo, Lee