To the editor:

"Because this year it counts", read the first plug for the 2003 Major League Baseball All-Star game ruling that the winning league would host the World Series. Suddenly the top candidates were people who could beat other top candidates for meaningful stakes. Why don't we select our presidential candidates that way? Simple.

Most voters will just wait out the primaries. If we get two turkeys, they'll proudly vote for neither, just like the fans who stopped watching the All-Star game and the marquee players who took a bye.

But suppose it took 40 percent of all voting-age citizens — not registered, all — to win a primary or caucus, and the delegates otherwise went unpledged.

With this and the abandonment of superdelegates, we would restore good reason for voters to get involved, and winner against winner to choose from come November.

Nappy Martin

Great Barrington