Tell friends, families democracy is at stake

To the editor:

I have been talking to Democratic friends who have told me that they have friends and family members who are voting for Donald Trump. Choosing silence over engagement, they do not ask what their reasons are. They don't want to get into upsetting conversations or to threaten their relationships.

I find this to be extremely disturbing. This presidential election is not simply one political party against another. It is democracy as we know it against a dictatorship.

I make the parallel to Nazi Germany. We have always wondered why so many decent Germans did not speak up during Hitler's rise to power. The tide that swept the country was fueled by anti-Semitism and hatred by many Germans for sure, but what about all those kind and caring people? How many Germans against Nazism and Hitler did not talk to their friends and family members to avoid upsetting conversations and fractured relationships?

I ask that we put civilization before our personal relationships and question those we know who may vote for Trump. This is no time for silence.

Deborah Golden Alecson, Lenox