Consortium offers a magnificent 'Soldier's Tale'

To the editor:

"L'Histoire du Soldat," "The Soldier's Tale," by Igor Stravinsky is a favorite chamber piece of mine. Checking the audience at Trinity Church in Lenox, it's obviously a favorite of many others. In the row behind us were eight Tanglewood Music Center musicians, part of the 100 players from Monday's awesome Messiaen piece.

The tale was magnificently produced by the Curtisville Consortium Wednesday, July 27, with a chamber orchestra of seven players, a conductor and three Shakespeare and Co. actors.

The work was nicely explained by conductor Francisco Noya, who looked more like the devil than the actor, Nigel Gore, who played the devil devilishly. Jason Asprey was plaintive as the soldier, and narrator Belle Merlin pulled the complicated tale together. The musicians were as usual, extraordinary: Yevgeny Kutik, violinist; Edwin Barker, bass; Michael Wayne, clarinet; Rick Rant, bassoon; Toby Oft, trombone; and Kyle Brightwell, percussion.

Performers and audience happily intermingled at the reception after the concert outside the church. We all forgot about the election. The Curtisville Consortium has two more concerts. For more information, go to


Nancy F. Nirenberg, Lenox