Don't be a victim of costly scam

To the editor:

I would like to warn Berkshire residents that there is a big scam going on with I-Tunes cards. Someone calls you with information about a member of your family who is in great difficulty after an accident, but fortunately has a lawyer who suggests that to get the person out of jail you should buy thousands of dollars worth of ITunes cards. You should give them the numbers and in turn they will give them to your family member's lawyer.

They may call you again to tell you there was a snag and more money is needed to pay for medical bills or something, but you are told not to tell their parents because they would be too worried. You won't get the promised phone call to tell you everything is fine, but you will find out that the family member is fine, perhaps traveling and out of touch, and does not know what you are talking about. You were just robbed of thousand of dollars.

I am told that the police have gotten several reports of such calls. You cannot get in touch with I-Tunes because it takes them 24 hours to respond to you phone messages or e-mail. The money is gone.

Isabelle Kaplan, Pittsfield