Trump's grammar issues more 'bigly' than judgement

To the editor:

When I saw the title of Dorothy van den Honert's July 29 oped column "Talking grammar, and a little Trump," I was sure we would see a reference to Donald Trump's statement during the primaries when he predicted he would "win ... and win BIGLY." Of course, no such adverb exists and, for a graduate of such a prestigious school as Wharton, it's an embarrassing mistake.

But, instead, Trump was praised for spelling the word "judgement" with an "e" after the "g". Every dictionary I have consulted spells the word "judgment" without the "e". Some show a second acceptable spelling with the "e" noting that the Brits prefer that spelling.

Much ado about nothing. (Also British!)

Irene Bernstein Pechmeze, Stockbridge