Crooked Hillary is wrong choice for nation

To the editor:

We are facing in the presidential election of 2016 the most important decision in the history of our country, a decision that will impact our future and that of our children.

The two major candidates are Donald Trump and another candidate who is shielded and protected by the media and the political establishment. It is an election where we have to choose between good and evil and strength and weakness.

Hillary Clinton is possibly the most crooked and corrupt politician ever to run for president. Don't be fooled into thinking that she is for America or its people, as she is not. Hillary Clinton is driven by greed and power, and will say anything, any time, anywhere, to achieve her goals.

Having said that, I support one's decision to vote for your candidate of choice, but may I remind you that if you play with mud, you will get dirty.

Frederick H. Paulmann III, Stockbridge