Rep. Farley-Bouvier is great at her job

To the editor:

I have known Tricia Farley-Bouvier for 19 years since having the good fortune of moving into a house on the street where she lived. At that time she was the most understanding, caring and tireless mom I'd ever met. I have no doubt she always will be.

When her children got older and she decided to run for Pittsfield City Council, it didn't surprise me because, again, she cares so much. I knew she was a woman with honor and seriously hard-working and that the city would be better for having her ideas, reasoning, diplomacy and energy!

She has retained these qualities in implementing her job as our state representative from the 3rd Berkshire District. Do you remember Rep. Silvio Conte, Rep. John Olver and Sen. Ted Kennedy? They were amazing at their jobs and got re-elected time and time again. Tricia Farley-Bouvier is amazing at her job and should also be re-elected. We're all lucky to have her!

Denise Billow, Pittsfield