Farley-Bouvier's bold stance on mileage tax

To the editor:

Much has been made this primary season about Rep. Farley-Bouvier's support, and Gov. Baker's subsequent veto, of a federally funded pilot program to investigate if a mileage-based tax is a viable alternative to the state's current gasoline tax. Now, I cannot objectively say if our community would be better served paying taxes by the mile or the gallon; and, thanks to Gov. Baker, that question will go on unanswered.

This is what I can say: inflation-adjusted gas tax revenues have been on a broad decline for decades. Our roadways aren't getting any shorter. Many of us seem content to ignore this problem, or attack any perceived change to the status quo.

Tricia Farley-Bouvier chose to confront unsustainable revenues head on, diving into the details, instead of chasing a cheap sound bite. It is that focus and dedication which has earned her my vote this Thursday.

Tom Swanton, Pittsfield