Homeless man's sentence, coverage, both overkill

To the editor:

I am writing about the Sept. 9 Eagle article "Squatter gets 30 days in jail" in which a 30-day sentence was handed out for the violation of a no trespassing order.

Although I agree that Mr. Magadini did in fact break the law and should abide by the conditions thereof, I do not feel this deserved a front page article. Further, I do not feel it is relevant to give details that the man was homeless and that the belongings in his shopping cart will be taken care of.

As a Pittsfield citizen, it is not that abnormal to see individuals walking with carts or even riding bicycles with their belongings on a wagon hooked to the back of the bicycle. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to live what some of us would call a normal life and some people just go through hard times and must do what is necessary to get by.

Addressing the problems in our community like gangs, crime and the drug dilemma would be just a bit more suitable. It's different lifestyles that make the world go 'round. Good luck to Mr. Magadini and I hope the safety and return of his belongings will be a priority.

Christopher Burnell, Pittsfield