Clinton's policies will cripple economy

To the editor:

Hillary Clinton embraces Barack Hussein Obama's failed economic record. Now, her plan will only add to the devastating impact on Americans.

The Obama-Clinton record of failure:

• 94 million Americans out of work

• 43 million Americans living in poverty

• More than 10 million Americans added to food stamps

• Lowest home ownership in 51 years.

• National debt skyrockets to $19.5 trillion.

Hillary's proposed plan will raise taxes by $1.5 trillion, killing more than 300,000 jobs and make it more difficult for the middle class to get ahead.

With a record like this, can we really trust Clinton to fix our economy? When it comes to lost jobs, flat growth and skyrocketing debt Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's policies have hurt the middle class.

Hillary's new slogan should read, going out of business. Please, Americans, Vote responsibly. Do your homework before you vote.

Thomas D Gilardi, Pittsfield