ASK THE DOCTORS: Bladder pain's origins remain a mystery

Q: What can be done about interstitial cystitis, or bladder pain syndrome? I'm told there's no cause or cure, and that some doctors don't even believe it exists.

HEALTH TAKE-AWAY: Opioid epidemic drives move toward safe alternatives

Behind all of the grim headlines about the burgeoning epidemic of opioid addiction and its tragic death toll — claiming some 78 lives each day or nearly 30,000 lives annually in the U.S. alone — efforts are gaining ground to manage both …

'Oh Baby!' gives new moms chance to work out with their babies

When Tami Smith gave birth to her son in January 2016, she said she found the region's lack of "mommy and me" fitness classes frustrating."I have had to find ways to squeeze in workouts at home in the 'cracks' in my day when the baby is still asleep …

Bits & Bites: Egg decorating workshop, breakfast offered

UKRAINIAN EGG DECORATINGUsing candle, wax and dyes, long-time Pysanky artist Cyn Smith will do a live demonstration of Pysanky, the Ukrainian Lenten tradition of egg decorating, from 6 to 7 p.m., on Thursday, March 23, at the Lee Library, 100 Main …

Robin Anish: Become a picky produce shopper with these tips

I'm a discriminating produce shopper. I sniff, squeeze, inspect, hoist and often reject. Actually, persnickety better describes my behavior. I notice other shoppers just grabbing handfuls of string beans and tossing them into a bag and buying them …

Guinness Cake: Pour yourself a stout - for baking

With annual St. Patrick's Day celebrations cropping up across the globe this Friday, revelers in both homes and businesses are preparing Irish-themed meals and stocking up on a staple of the day: Irish beer, particularly the signature Celtic brew, …
Berkshire Lifestyles
Book review: Poet Giannini offers expressions of compassionate observation

Andrei Codrescu, a seminal voice in American poetry and once regular commentator on NPR, described poetry by David Giannini of Becket as poems that " know a mysterious grace. They hover lightly about the imminent birth of things, taking shape from …

Laukkanen's brisk pacing gives urgency to 'Forgotten Girls'

CBS Anthology Drama'American Crime' returns with tales of human exploitation

The Scene: Art lovers flock to Berkshire Art Association's 10X10 RAP

PITTSFIELD — Artists of the Berkshires and beyond, Berkshire Art Association board members, honored guests and art collectors filled the Berkshire Museum’s ballroom for the sixth annual 10x10 RAP, or Real Art Party, the fundraiser benefiting local art students.

Scene: Berkshire Young Professionals' bash goes back in time

PITTSFIELD — Entering the Berkshire Museum on Friday night was like stepping into a time machine: The Berkshire Young Professionals’ Back in Time Bash went all out to transport and …

The Mount In Winter

LENOX — On a cold snowy evening in winter the home (modeled after a 17th century English country house in Lincolnshire) of the famous author, artist and humanitarian Edith Wharton opened its …

Restoring cabinet veneer may take more than elbow grease

Q: My kitchen cabinets have a veneer that has rotted from moisture in certain places. How can I restore the cabinet panels to their original finish?A: If indeed it is a veneer issue — and there is some doubt about that among several …

Fairy gardens captivate imaginations of all ages

Tricks to save money on your property taxes

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Flocks of cardinals at feeders not that uncommon

Q: I recently noticed something I hadn't seen before. On March 11, I saw a flock of cardinals ground feeding beneath our bird feeder in Pittsfield. There were five males and a female. Is it unusual for cardinals to flock like this?— Florian, …

Ron Kujawski | Garden Journal; It's spring! Time to start gardening chores

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and for gardeners the juices are flowing. Just be careful when you step outside for the juices may freeze. After a relatively mild February, I had hopes we'd have an early start to the gardening season, much as we …

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Robin Redbreast and his love of slimy aliens

With spring thaw comes the earthworm and robin. They seem to go together, and this best known of our native birds, the adaptable and abundant American robin preys on this denizen of the earth and wherever there is soil following gentle shower or cloudburst, in woodland or meadow, lawn or garden there is the ever-present earthworm, small enough to dubbed a wiggler or large enough to be known as the fisherman's friend, the night crawler.

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