Thursday August 9, 2012

PITTSFIELD -- Rosanne M. Frieri, Veterans' Services officer and director for the City of Pittsfield, warned residents of a new scam that is targeting veterans and their bank accounts.

"Veterans who have signed up or who have been ap proved for the Veterans Retraining Assistance program are the targets," Frieri said, referring to a new federal program which provides $1,473 in monthly stipends to veterans attending an ap proved community college or a technical school. "My colleagues around the state are hearing from veterans who say they have received phone calls from someone who promises a matching amount of money."

According to Frieri, veterans are asked to call a number to provide their bank account number and pay a $205 service fee.

"Most people know not to give out personal information to anyone, but because this involves a veterans program, it may sound more legitimate," Frieri said. "I'm not aware of anyone in this area who has received one of these calls, but I would like veterans to be aware. They all worked too hard for their benefits to fall victims to a scam."