Wednesday October 3, 2012

The National Give Back for Kids Campaign Inc. will be sponsoring a bullying awareness event at Pittsfield High School from 9:40 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. on Friday.

The event will feature a presentation in the auditorium from the New York-based group "Creative Boys Culture," an organization founded by Tevonne Hemmans of Brooklyn that promotes youth empowerment, entrepreneurialism, and social awareness.

Hemmans, also known as "T.E.V" which stands for "The Educated Voice," founded the group in a college dorm in 2010. Today, the group travels to schools across the country sharing the message of its campaign, "Get Busy, Get Creative!"

Having the group present and share its campaign with students at Pittsfield High School is one of the many ways that National Give Back for Kids Campaign works to use its resources in local communities, said Executive Director Hosea J. Givan.

National Give Back for Kids Campaign is an organization dedicated toward inspiring adults to give back to children in underserved communities via the path of volunteering. For more information, visit