Tuesday December 18, 2012

City residents are reminded of guidelines for recycling during the holiday and winter months.

The following items should not be included in the paper recycling mix: Ribbons, bows and tinsel; packing peanuts and Styrofoam; holiday lights; plastic packing material, bubble wrap, bags; and photographs.

The following items can be including in the paper recycling: Corrugated cardboard boxes; paperboard gift boxes; greeting cards (no foil, wire or glitter); gift wrap and gift bags (no foil, metallic inks or glitter); gift tissue papers (no metallics or glitter); catalogs and calendars; and paper shopping bags (any type of handle is okay).

Paper should be kept dry during the winter months.

Recycling questions may be directed to the Recycling Hotline at (888) 888-0784, ext. 2293.