Wednesday January 23, 2013

Principal Vinnie Regan has announced that 22 students in the Hoosac Valley High School Class of 2013 have qualified for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship based on their performance on the spring 2011 grade 10 MCAS tests.

The Class of 2013 recipients of the scholarship are: Quentin Atwell, David Bailot, Justin Barnes, Danielle Beauchemin, Matthew Bressett, Julia Burdick, Olivia Bury, Daniel Butler, Megan Cole, Steven Coons, Thomas Galisa, Cory Gallup, Kenneth Girard, Mitchell Graves, Austin Herzog, Micayla Kolis, Michelle Lewis, Courtney Lillie, Emilee Nicholas, Nicholas Ryan, Emily Tarjick, and Reid Tetlow.

To qualify for the Adams Scholarship, students need to score advanced/advanced or advanced/proficient on the English language arts and math portions of the grade 10 MCAS test and score within the top 25 percent of the scores for their school.

This scholarship provides recipients with four years of free tuition to any Massachusetts state college or university.