LEE -- The 54th annual Laliberte Toy Fund Drive has received an additional $920 in donations toward this year’s goal of $5,000. To date this season, the fund has received $3,240.

The fund is open to children in Lee, Lenox Dale and Tyringham.

Donations may be given in two categories, "In lieu of cards" or "In memory of loved ones," and mailed to the Laliberte Toy Fund, P.O. Box 559, Lee, MA 01238, or dropped off at any Lee Bank location.

Today’s gifts:

In memory of:

Loved Ones from Virginia Delugan $25

Winn & SanJurjo Families, Julia & Bill
Standard and Shari Scace, from Torey
Winn 40

Carlino, Potter & Santolin Families, from Patty & Dave Carlino 50

My Wife, Dolores I. Eckert, from Mal 60

In loving memory of my Dad, Bill Crawford
Sr., from Snookie, Merry Christmas to
All! 40

Our friend Adelard (Ed) J. Laliberte, from
John & Barbara Boyne 50

In Honor of Josie Lucy, from Dad, Mom, Tommy & Maggie 25

In loving memory of Patrick Adams, from Mom, John and Family 100

In loving memory of "Grampy Digger" Buffis and "Lola" Connie Velasco, from Maya,
Dominic and Marcie Velasco 25

Ed "Buddy" Briggs from his family 50

Our Dad, Charles Holmes, Love Robbi & Christa 10

Our Papa, Charles Holmes, Love Jenna,
Brittany, Megan, Jackie & Nikki 10

Dick Tart, Love, wife Barb and Sue &
Dave 50


Lee Fire Company 100

"From a Friend" 10

Joan & Henry Zukowski 25

Berkshire Hills Knights of Columbus 50

In lieu of Christmas Cards:

Steph & Todd Burdick 25

Merry Christmas from William & Lucy
Roche 75

Dave & Patty Carlino 50

David & Mary Bowers 25

Don & Dawn Fillio 25

Today’s total: $920

Total to date: $3,240

Needed to reach goal: $1,760