The Berkshire County 4-H Program held its annual Awards Night Banquet on Dec. 1 at St. Stephen’s Church.

Volunteers recognized for their first year of service were: Debra Belland of Pittsfield, Tonia Carrington of Becket, Michelle Daly of Pittsfield, Bryn Hogan and William Hogan of Sheffield, Ellen Lantz of Pittsfield, Lauren Marceau of Charlemont, Becky Thomas of Savoy, and Tajare West of Pittsfield.

Awards presented were:

Friends of 4-H: Christopher Jacoby of Herberg Middle School, Kathy Vincent from Hancock Shaker Village and Sebring Stables in Richmond.

Fair Honor Roll: Koren Ahlen of Pittsfield, Keely Baker of Pittsfield, Bill Chandler of Pittsfield, Jamie Kaczowski of Savoy, Kyle Kelson of Washington, Angelina Mangiardi and Krista Mangiardi of Pittsfield, and Bill Moriarty of Cheshire.

The Drs. Brielman Loving Hands Award: Tayler Rayner of Pittsfield.

National 4-H Dairy Conference Award: Aaron Cuevas of Cheshire.

Berkshire County 4-H for Sheep at the Eastern States Exposition: Alexandra Springstube of West Stockbridge.

Massachusetts State 4-H Horse: Malik Hogan of Sheffield, Ruby Trabka of Great Barrington, and Brialynn Wells of Sheffield.

Western Mass 4-H High Point Award: Fiora Caligiuri-Randall of Lee for arts & crafts, home economics, and natural resources.

Berkshire County 4-H Ambassadors: Aliza Ahlen, Collin Goodrich, Jason Konowitch, and Angelina Moriarty of Pittsfield, Caitlin Moriarty of Cheshire, Alexandra Springstube of West Stockbridge, and Brialynn Wells of Sheffield.

4-H Visual Presentations: Fiora Caligiuri-Randall of Lee, Caitlin Moriarty of Cheshire, Morgan Robertson-Dubois of Dalton, Jacqueline Thoresen Toolan of Pittsifeld.

State competition: Fiora Caligiuri-Randall and Caitlin Moriarty.

The Tech Wizards (digital photography group, a sewing group and a robotics group): All members were all recognized.

County medals: Brady Beckwith of Stephentown, N.Y., Daniel Epe of Pittsfield, Elspeth Robertson-DuBois of Dalton and Kayli Smith of Egremont.

Junior & Senior 4-H members: Fiora Caligiuri-Randall (Lee), botany, cat, community service, leadership, and visual arts; Vanessa Clark (Pittsfield), cooking, crafts, sewing; Katilyn Decker (Housatonic) horse; Byonte Jones (Pittsfield) cooking, crafts, sewing, Jamie Kaczowski (Savoy) dairy; Caitlin Moriarty (Cheshire) dairy, leadership; Natal Paredes (North Adams) photography, robotics, sports; Nathan Petricca (Pittsfield) goat; Makayla Pope (Pittsfield) cooking, crafts, sewing; Tayler Rayner (Pittsfield) beef; Morgan Robertson-DuBois (Dalton) goat; Elizabeth Sarnacki (East Otis) mule; Margaret Sarnacki (East Otis) horse; Brialynn Wells (Sheffield) horse, leadership; Thomas Williams (currently of Australia) community service, outdoor recreation, wildlife care.

Top H Award: Morgan Robertson-DuBois of Dalton.