GREAT BARRINGTON -- The 77th annual John S. Watson Christmas Fund has received additional donations totaling $2,155 for needy families in South Berkshire. To date the fund has received $8,635 toward this year's goal of $25,000.

Inaugurated as the Community Christmas Cheer Fund by local newsman John S. Watson in 1936, Watson ran the fund until 1963 when it was re-named in his honor.

Donations to the fund may be made through Berkshire Bank's South County offices. Checks should be made payable to the Watson Fund.

Those wishing to make donations "in memory of" or "in lieu of Christmas cards" should include their request with the donation check.

Today's gifts:

Merry Christmas

Matilda S. Mann $40

Fred & Margaret Vorck 25

Thursday Morning Club 300

Fred Bunce & Family 50

Ann M. Waldman 50

Polish Falcon Society Nest 525 100

In memory of:

Loved Ones, from Robert & Nancy Smith 50

Jack & Genevieve Martin, Love, Bob and Mimi 25

Sally Korte and Ticky Carver, from Len
and Katie 20

Ethel Kilmer, Bill and George Springstube, from The Kilmers 20

Sally Korte and Ticky Carver, from Bob
and Mary Kinmond 20

Sally Korte and Ticky Carver, from Joy
and Kassie 20

Judy Keefner and Judy Clark, from Len
and Katie 20

Barbara Person, from Bruce and Family 100

Our Nannie, Martha Muir, from Matthew,
Andrew & Thomas 15

Burt J. Ball 3rd, from Marian Robinson 30

James and Jane Shanahan, from Out of
Hand 100

Jim Dohoney, from Avon and Bob 25

Hon. Robert J. Donelan, from Carol Sue 25

Richard King, from Nancy King 25

Deceased Members Mount Everett Council 513 Knights of Columbus, from Mount Everett Council 513 Knights of Columbus 200

Harland & Marcella Foster, from Harland
B. Foster Inc. 500

My Bini, from Your Bob Jones 100

John Scapin Sr. and Jack Delmolino,
from Sonny and Carol 20

Ellwood, Aimee and Ed, from Nancy
Duvall 25

In Lieu of Christmas Cards

Kelly, Granger, Parsons and Associates Inc. 200

Bob, Bini & Mickey 50

Today's total: $2,155

Total to date: $8,635

Needed to reach goal: $16,365