PITTSFIELD -- A city woman who allegedly had stolen jewelry on her when she was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting from a grocery store will be heading to trial next month.

Natasha Arigoni, 26, of Bradford Street, was arrested Oct. 16 by the Pittsfield Police at Big Y Foods on West Street on a charge of shoplifting and was allegedly found in possession of three pieces of jewelry that had been reported stolen from a Valentine Road home that same day.

The homeowners estimated that $10,000 worth of jewelry was stolen in the break-in. Arigoni allegedly told police her boyfriend had given the items to her and that she didn't know they were stolen.

Her arrest, and a previous positive drug test, triggered a violation of probation on an older case.

Arigoni was arrested in January 2012 with a stolen credit card after she attempted to buy a large screen television at Walmart, according to police and prosecutors. The card was declined. She also was caught on tape in a Chevrolet Alero stolen from outside a city bar not long before she attempted to use the credit card that she found inside the car, police said.

That December, she pleaded to sufficient facts for a finding of guilt and had two charges of attempt to commit a crime and a single count of receiving a stolen credit card continued without a finding of guilt. A charge of receiving a stolen motor vehicle was dismissed at the request of the Berkshire District Attorney's Office.

Had Arigoni stayed out of trouble, her case would have been dismissed after a year. Instead, the court found her guilty of violating probation in October and sentenced her to six months in jail, a sentence she is still serving.

The shoplifting charge was filed, meaning no action was taken by the court.

On Thursday in Central Berkshire District Court, Arigoni was set to plead in the newest case, but when Judge Fredric D. Rutberg told her he would sentence her to a year in jail with 60 days to be served from and after her current sentence, she tearfully withdrew her plea. She plans to go to trial Jan. 30.

Her attorney in the newest case, Ryan D. Smith, said his client didn't have much of a record and had never been incarcerated before her current jail stint.

The 48-year-old victim of the break-in told the court Thursday that some of the jewelry stolen from her home were heirlooms she had hoped to pass on to her children.

She quoted passages from Arigoni's Facebook page, including one from August, in which the defendant states she wants to be a pirate, steal and drink rum all day.

The woman said Arigoni had no remorse for her behavior.

Arigoni was only charged in connection with the items she was found with during her arrest and not the entire collection that had been reported stolen.

In the district court level, before the day of trial, defendants can withdraw their plea if the judge decides to give them a harsher sentence than one they request.