ADAMS -- Two North Adams teenagers were arrested near Russell Field on Monday for allegedly possessing marijuana with intent to distribute and alcohol.

Morgan Rochelo, 18, and Craig Gifford, Jr., 18, were in a parked car in the field's parking lot when police allegedly discovered marijuana packaged for distribution and cans of beer under the seats.

Rochelo, of State Road, and Gifford, of Brickyard Court, were arraigned separately in Northern Berkshire District Court on Tuesday on charges of possession to distribute a class D drug, person under 21 in possession of liquor, and drug violation near a park.

Rochelo was held on $500 bail, while Gifford was released on personal recognizance. Each is due back in court later this month.

Adams Police Officer Donna Malloy stated in a criminal complaint that she discovered the parked Mazda 3 while on a routine patrol of the area on Monday night. When she approached the car, Malloy stated that she noticed a green residue on the center console and a plastic bag sticking out of the pocket of Gifford, the driver.

A plastic bag containing marijuana was also found on Rochelo, according to the report.

"There is increased activity in that area," said Adams Police Chief Richard Tarsa.

He noted a nearby playground was also vandalized recently, and that the parking lot is "out of the way" and hard to see from the road, making it an attractive location for potentially illegal activity.

"It's not a major problem ... but we do extra patrols in that area," Tarsa said.

Two other passengers in the car were not arrested.

The Berkshire District Attorney's Office attempted to revoke Rochelo's bail on another open case, but its motion was denied. Rochelo still faces charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of property damage, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop, and use of a motor vehicle without authority from a July incident.

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