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Joe Madlin, of Soldier On, works on reconstructing the rear of the Meetinghouse at Hancock Shaker Village last week. The Meetinghouse was built in 1793 and was originally located at the Shirley Shaker community. It was moved to Hancock in 1962 and re-erected on the foundations of the previous Meetinghouse.

HANCOCK -- Hancock Shaker Village is working with Soldier On to repair its historic building known as Meetinghouse.

The structure, built in 1793, has sustained some water damage over the years. It was originally located in the Shirley Shaker community.

It was moved to Hancock in 1962, and re-erected on the foundation of the previous Hancock meeting house. Both meeting houses have similar design and size specifications.

Hancock’s original Meetinghouse was built in 1786 and razed in 1938. It’s the only building in the village designed for worship, and consists of a large open space for dancing.

The upper floor was the ministry’s living quarters. Plaster work is now being done where some of the water damage occurred.

The damage to the structure was caused by a crack in a wooden gutter installed in the 1960s. The crack routed water onto original beams of chestnut, oak and hemlock, with pine siding. The new materials match the original as closely as possible.

The Meetinghouse at Hancock Shaker Village is one of 10 buildings being improved with help of an $80,000 grant awarded by the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund. Labor from Soldier On and from other donors make the project possible.

Bill Mangiardi, director of Farm and Facilities at the Village said: "Soldier On are great guys to work with. They have been in the military and know how to get things done. It is a pleasure to work with them."