DALTON — Dalton police are trying to solve a string of 15 thefts in the past two weeks that have plagued the south end of town.

Since Nov. 2, residents of primarily Kimberly, Frederick, Pinecrest, Sleepy Hollow, and Greenridge drives, and Edgemere and Barton Hill roads have reported missing mostly cash, loose change, wallets and pocketbooks stolen, according to police.

Investigating officers say the thief or thieves have been stealing from unlocked motor vehicles parked in driveways to unlocked exterior garage doors where the suspect(s) entered the garage and went through vehicles parked inside the garage.

Police are urging residents to be vigilant about locking all building doors, windows and vehicles — even if parked inside a garage.

Local authorities want people to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. Anyone with information about the thefts or other non-emergency situations should call Dalton police at 413-684-0300.