NORTH ADAMS — The Department of Conservation and Recreation museum at the Western Gateway Heritage State Park is closed temporarily due to concerns over the building's heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.

While DCR did not expect the closure to be long-term, a spokesman said it was not clear when it would reopen.

The Visitors Museum at the base of Mount Greylock and the Visitors Museum in Building 4 were closed last week. Other businesses in the park have not been impacted by the issue, which was not detailed by DCR.

City Building Inspector William Meranti said the city, as the operator of Heritage State Park, has not been involved in the process. Meranti said it is his understanding that the closure was prompted by accumulation of dust in the museum, but that the equipment that heats the building is not in disrepair.

"They're going to do some minor cleaning and reopen," Meranti said.

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